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An amazing first drop with Nifty Gateway and King of Midtown/ Crypt Gallery.

All 3 series of 10; AC/DC, Queen and Rolling Stones sold out in seconds. Thank you Covalent for getting it organized. Onwards'!


Steve Joester’s Library of Superstars

By Jennifer Landes

“I got a camera, went down to London, and just started shooting things.”

A first-time visitor would have no problem finding Steve Joester’s Water Mill studio on his rambling property. The music playing, a steady mix of classic rock, is the first thing that beckons from a small building across from the house on the other side of the pool. Then there is the potent odor of paints and solvents and, once inside, a trail of graphic and brightly highlighted images that lead to his upper-level studio.


Art & Iconic Rock Collide in Bridgehampton, East Hampton

By Kevin Berlin

“I followed the music to get the peak shots. I watched the whole show through the viewfinder to get the special moments.”

These days, he transforms his iconic images—which cemented his place in rock photography royalty—into mixed media works, which are currently on view in “The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” an exhibit split between the White Room Gallery in Bridgehampton and Karyn Mannix’s new East Hampton gallery, The Studio. Mr. Joester said he considers himself lucky to have lived through the golden age. For those who didn’t, they are left with classic photos to help them imagine what that time was like and, in some cases, create derivative art from them.

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Meet the Artist: Steve Joester

By 10cjlow1979

“I always loved photography, bur I remember seeing David Hemmings in "Blow-up" and thinking: 'Wow, you can make a living doing that?"

Steve Joester is a British rock 'n roll photographer and mixed-media artist who lives and works in Water Mill and New York City.  In the 1970s and '80s, Joester had his iconic images of great rock performers appear on album covers and posters, and in exhibitions and magazines worldwide.  Joester made his mark shooting such icons as Mick Jagger, Bob Marley Neil Young, and Sting.  He also filmed Andy Warhol with Rob Halford of Judas Priest back stage at the Palladium in April 1979 and Warhol at Studio 54.

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Mixed Media Collage of Blondie at the Palladium, NYC 1976 

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Steve Joester’s Art Rocks at Lawrence Fine Art

Maybe it’s because those who lived it in their early years are now the ones programming the gallery and museum shows. Or maybe it’s because the music and visual identity of the era is still so ingrained in the culture. Music was a major touchstone for the art scene, after all, with an abundance of crossover between artists and musicians. The recent Metropolitan Museum costume exhibit, “PUNK: From Chaos to Couture,” was a controversial smash, as many protested against the perceived mockery being made of a movement they considered political and socially iconoclastic in nature. The punk ethos made a claim for being very “street,” with graffiti, DIY outfits, general rebellion and a reordering of the senses called for.

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Factory Now – group exhibition

Factory Now will feature paintings, sculptures, film screenings, installations and photography by exhibiting artists. The exhibition will provide the visitor with a variety of artistic experiences that resonate on multiple sensory levels while stimulating the intellect of the audience. Kasia Kay Art Projects gallery will be transformed to resemble Warhol's Factory with aluminum foil drapes, disco ball, and Sandra Bermudez’s Mylar balloons installation.

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Steve Joester: From London to Havana: Rock and the Rhythm" Opens Labor Day Weekend at Lawrence Fine Art

Lawrence Fine Art is pleased to announce that it will open "Steve Joester: From London to Havana: Rock and the Rhythm" at its East Hampton Gallery on Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  The show will continue for approximately three-and-a-half weeks. Joester is an acclaimed rock-and-roll photographer.  At the same time, as a British citizen, he has visited Cuba often and has photographed Old Havana numerous times since the 1990s.

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Dog Day Afternoons in the Hamptons

The Wall Street Journal

By Marshall Heyman

Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue's Third Annual Summer Benefit.  Dog House:  The Southhampton home of Chuck and Ellen Scarborough.  Top Dogs attending:  The Scarborough's, Ms. Stern, Chris and Christina Cuomo, rock 'n' roll photographer Steve Joester, and Dylan Lauren


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