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For more than a decade Joester documented the incredible impact these rock artists and their music had on our culture. Marvin Gay asked him to accompany him and photograph him on a tour of Notting Hill Gate after seeing his images of the police/race riots in the English papers in the mid 70’s. The sex pistols, symbolically signing a record contract in front of Buckingham Palace, (their single, God Save The Queen had just been banned, this was a statement of the youth revolt that gave the finger to the ‘pillars of society)! At the other end of the cultural spectrum, he photographed the stone's first ‘big stage’ arena show. Joester was there recording it! One of his pieces with Blondie was used in Vogue in their illustration of the influence of punk in fashion and society. ‘The energy from this time and current conditions, seemingly another circle has an enormous impression on my work’.

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