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about the collection

‘I was influenced reading ‘Einsteins dreams’, his belief that time could be circular if given enough of it. It gave me inspiration, the idea that scale can be an unknown. Also, a circle is the shape of an album, a lens, time!  Again coming back to music and photography in an abstract way.  RE: the circle, the perfect shape. The additional shape is the mystery’. The second series is using my intense use of form, color, and energy, stripped of the iconic image. 

This series is still connected to the music by the writing on the canvas..lyrics are part of the creative process, blasting in the studio! I always find it difficult to try and explain how the art comes about.  It starts as an idea that somehow grows, takes off on its own, and develops as it comes through me onto the canvas. It is always a wonderful to see how it eventually appears, often the original idea, the planning and the prep is buried deep in the layers!”

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