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On March 10, 1977 rock ‘n’ roll history was to be made outside Buckingham palace on the Victoria and Albert Memorial and Steve Joester joined the sex pistols for the beginning of the short and wild ride that was to change rock ‘n’ roll. 


The pistols already the bad boys of punk were en route to Buckingham palace to ink the record contract with A&M records. The contract, their second, lasted six days. After going back to the A&M offices to celebrate the signing Sid puked on the managing director’s desk they trashed the place and were kicked out. On to Virgin.


Malcolm McLaren was the brain behind the pistols, one album and four singles became a legend under his careful management.


‘When the pistols released Never mind the Bollocks and a single God save the Queen with a picture of the queen with a safety pin through her nose they managed to piss off a lot of people especially at the BBC, they immediately banded it, but the fans loved it!

They arrived in a Daimler limousine, the same as the Queen uses. on arrival a table is quickly set up and the signing begins. The cops over at the palace see something is going on, a crowd is forming and they come running over. It’s utter confusion, some of the cops are getting mad, a mix of ‘piss off but give me your autograph before you go’. I’d say this was a performance because the mood in the car was very different to at the signing’.

Pistols at the  palace #1. 36x48jpeg.jpe



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