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‘The greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world’

Very few bands have the history and mystique of the Stones. The original bad boys of rock ‘n’ roll they set the benchmark for every aspiring bad ass band out there.


To capture Mick on stage is no easy task. He is jumping Jack flash, in constant motion, so it is no surprise that he is said to complete the equivalent of a half marathon every performance. Keith, a little more sedate watches Mick’s antics with bemusement while Bill hardly moved at all. But together their energy is mesmerizing.


I have shot them a number of times but the 1975 tour with the star stage and the 20 foot inflatable penis was a sight to behold, nothing like that had been done before.


When shooting the stones I found I got into the ‘zone’ allowing the camera and the music to take control and make the shots happen, it is so fast you nail it or miss it.

I nailed it!

Pistols at the  palace #1. 36x48jpeg.jpe



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